Simple. Invite TEAM to join your sales development and/or executive team at any point in your strategic planning or sales process, for instance:

  • Internal business development discussions
  • Potential project qualification meetings
  • Core product proposal phases
  • After core product win:
    • To offer expanded services
    • To respond to requests for expanded services

The next steps will vary based on when collaboration with TEAM commences.

As an example, let us assume that a ride vendor (RV) is responding to an RFP from a regional park. The park Owner has expressed interest in a turn-key solution, but appreciates that attraction design, beyond the ride vehicle, is not usually an RV skillset.

From there, the RV will progress with all details of the ride proposal response requested, while TEAM meets with your Sales and Executive teams to discuss the project potential and response strategy. Initial progress may just be Sales expressing willingness and capabilities to the Owner for taking on the whole attraction, in turn-key fashion – which may assist in confirming the original ride vehicle order!

As soon as Sales has received a positive response from the Owner – in the form of a creative brief and ballpark budget and schedule – we will meet again to qualify the specific opportunity and discuss in more detail how you like to work, your processes, intended project schedule, budget offered, client/IP and feasibility. This discussion will ultimately result in TEAM working with your team to assemble a proposal for the overall attraction, ROM confirmation of client budget & visuals of preliminary concept (a few POVs) to support a proposal response.

Once the Project has been won, the same team that ‘qualified’ the opportunity will again meet to assess how best to structure the project by first assessing in-house support services and staff that can be utilised, then enhanced by the outsourcing of: project staff, elements to be fabricated, technical/architectural drawings, design development and begin identifying regional (to-project) subcontractors. Once agreed, to include contracting with TEAM, design will commence and we’re off on our next big adventure!

If this all sounds interesting to you, please contact us.